Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last minute call for help!

Tonight, three of our volunteers had to cancel for tomorrow. If you are able and willing to come down to Evanston tomorrow night to fill in...we really need the extra help! Men or women, we can use you! We need people to be on clean-up duty so that our ladies can focus on spa services, we need people to help at the prize table, and we need people to help out with paraffin treatments. In addition, if you know of anyone who might be willing to come and do hair styling on the fly, please let us know!

If you would like to come down and help, please email us at with your name and contact info.




Unknown said...

I found your site via Heather P.'s comment on Josh Harris' blog...

What you are doing is of eternal significance, and I am sure of that. I would love to be part of something so great as the work God has set before you, but I have been out of school for 7 years now and have had 4 kids in that time! Wow, how time flies!! So be encouraged that these days are short lived for you now but will have tremendous influence on the hearts of many.

Two books I am reading right now may encourage and sharpen you during this season along with the Scriptures if you have a chance to get them and look through them:

"Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices" by Thomas Brooks (no, I am not calling everyone involved in Sex Week satanists, but we know that the fruits of such things are sin)

"The Riches of Bunyan" - compilation of works by John Bunyan (Pilgrim's Progress is not in this one)

God bless, bless, bless you richly as you walk in purity with your eyes fixed on Jesus and joy before you!

Unknown said...

I'd give anything to drop everything and come down there, but I have Meant For More to prepare for!

I'll be praying for you!!!