Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three more join the ranks

We have three more "WoW Warriors" who have decided to join us for the spa night. I received word this week that we have secured a hair stylist, another makeup artist, and another masseuse for our spa night. WoW!

I was talking to a gal out in Virginia last night about an internship that I might be doing out there, and halfway throught the conversation she paused and said, "Wait...are you the Women of Worth girl?" I laughed, "Why yes I am." When people call me that, I was always think of the Morton Salt girl for some reason. Then she told me that she had graduated from Northwestern five years ago, and we talked about how hard it is to be a Christian on this campus. She said she wished WoW had been around when she was here. She asked me about the spa night and about how I got started with it in the first place, and I told her the story. "It's bigger than I could have ever imagined," I said. "I started out last year trying to put together a small-scale event for 10-20 girls. But I guess God had different plans for me." Yesterday was a tough day, and when I spoke to this woman, my conversation with her reminded me that I am mere clay in the Potter's hands. When I'm making dozens of calls each week and checking hundreds of emails and going back and forth with catering managers about linens and candles, I sometimes want to say, "Lord, I seriously only wanted to do this on a small-scale." Even when I think I have enough people and items and prizes and funds, God just keeps on saying, "No, I think I'll make it just a little bit bigger." When people ask me how I manage to raise all this money and secure all these specialists and wrangle in all these volunteers, the only answer I can give is "It's God." It's totally God. And it's only by his grace and through the love of his people that I am able to offer this alternative to the women of Northwestern.


Praise God for his provision!
Please pray for our WoW warrior who is having surgery this morning.
Please pray that the weather holds up as we flyer the campus.
Please pray for me as I am trying to juggle WoW with the first week of Spring Quarter classes.
Please pray for the women who will be attending next week's events.

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