Friday, March 21, 2008

Spa Night

Dear friends,

In the 139th psalm, David writes, “I will praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” As you may know, last year, I founded a student group at Northwestern University called Women of Worth (WoW) which is dedicated to helping young college women embrace this biblical truth and biblical femininity. WoW works to promote a type of feminism in which biblical femininity is embraced and values are upheld by serving as a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resource for young women on college campuses.

In the spring of 2007, the Northwestern University College Feminists sponsored the first-ever Sex Week at Northwestern University. When I heard about this event, my heart broke for the women at Northwestern, and I felt as though the Lord was leading me to offer an alternative for these young women. With no money and little time, I decided that I would try to plan a small-scale spa night as an alternative to the Sex Week events. In just under three (3) weeks, I was able to raise over $5,000 in donations, spa services, and prizes. Through the generous donations of Christians all over the nation, I was able to rent out a banquet room at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston and purchase items for the spa night. God also opened doors for me to appear on The Sandy Rios Show on WYLL 1160, and several individuals and organizations donated prizes for the women in attendance as well.

On the night of the event, I prayed that God would bring at least 25 women, and the Lord multiplied my request by bringing over 100 women to the event, including the entire women’s softball team! The ladies were extremely appreciative of the alternative that we had offered to them, and again and again women were shocked when I told them that everything had been donated by Christians who wanted them to know that they were truly women of value and worth.
This year, I am planning another spa night for Thursday, April 10th, and Christian author Heather (Paulsen) Patenaude has also agreed to speak on her book “Emotional Purity” on April 7th. WoW is in need of several resources, and I would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to help with this year's needs. I have compiled a list of all the needs varying from prayer to manpower to financial contributions to item donations. If you are interested in helping, please choose an area or areas in which you would like to assist and let me know as soon as possible. You can contact me via email at If you would like to make a financial contribution to this ministry, please make your check out to Lakeview Church with a memo that reads Women of Worth (WoW). Thank you for your time, and please prayerfully consider helping with this project. Your support is vital to Women of Worth’s success.

In Christ,

Chelsea Thompson


Before you consider helping with your time or money, please take a minute to commit yourself in prayer. Specifically, please pray for:

The women in attendance
The women not in attendance
That God will provide us with the necessary funds, resources, and people for the evening
The future of Women of Worth
Heather and her talk on emotional purity
Opportunities to share the gospel

___ I am committed in prayer.

___ I am committed to praying with a group (or by myself) from 8-11 PM on Thursday, April 10th.


There are so many ways for you to contribute financially to the WoW ministry. Some of our expenses include parking for our helpers, a small token of appreciation for each of the spa specialists, advertising, prizes, decorations, and, most importantly, spa supplies! If you would like to help cover these expenses, you can 1) either write a check to Lakeview Church with a memo that reads Women of Worth (WoW) 2) volunteer to donate a spa item or items listed or 3) volunteer to donate a prize or prizes for the women in attendance.

___ I would like to financially contribute to the Women of Worth Spa Night. I will send a check to:

Lakeview Church
1821 Sheridan Rd.
Zion, IL

___ I would like to donate an item or items listed below:

Spa Items:
Cotton Balls
Nail Polish (spa quality)
Nail Polish Remover
Bobby Pins
Plastic hair rubber bands
Bath and Body Works Lotions
Vanilla paraffin wax (5-10 packages needed)
Plastic bags for hand treatments (1 gallon)
Pink playing cards (5 decks)
Hershey’s Kisses (3-4 bags)
Women’s Magazines (Used or New)
Prize Ideas:
Hair products
Cosmetic bags
Gift certificates
Coffee mug
Note cards
Picture frames

___ I would like to buy ____ books for the “Emotional Purity” talk on Monday, April 7th.


We would love to have able-bodied women help us out on April 10th. If you’re a spa specialist, please consider offering your services for the evening. If you’re not a spa specialist, we’d still love to have you! It’s always great to have extra people to greet and assist. Some of the services (hand treatments) don’t require any experience, just a willing and cheerful spirit. The more people we have, the more these women see God’s love. This night is full of opportunities to share the gospel, so please consider serving in this capacity.

___ I am a spa specialist (hair, makeup, nails, massages, waxing) and would like to provide a spa service.

___ I am not a spa specialist, but put me to work! I am willing to serve as a greeter, floater, or “spa assistant.”

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